Lifetime Diamond Membership

Attend the following Front Sight Nevada courses free of charge and as often as you wish and as many times as you wish:

Defensive HandgunTactical Shotgun; Practical Rifle;

Additionally, if you purchase your Diamond Membership here at frontsight4defense right now for $389.00 you will receive the following exclusive bonuses at no additional cost. These bonuses are not currently available anywhere else.

  • 1 Free 4 day class certificate. (The perfect way to bring a friend or loved one with you on your first time out, to train with you free of charge. Chances are, we know they will be hooked and also want a lifetime membership of their own)
  • 1 Free 4 day gear rental certificate (If you or your guest does not own a gun, protective glasses and earphones yet, Front Sight has all this and more for you free of charge with this free 4 day gear rental)

Why would you want to attend the Two Day and Four Day Defensive Handgun, Tactical Shotgun, and Practical Rifle Courses repeatedly as often as you like for as long as you like?

Each time you attend with the same weapon you will be training  to continue to improve the balance between speed and accuracy.  Each time you attend with a new, different weapon you will be training to become “one with that weapon” and master the ability to use it as an extension of your will. There is a endless combination of courses you can attend with all the different weapons you own.

What are you waiting for, get your membership now.