4 Day Handgun Combat Master Prep

Valued Cost: $2,000.00

Prerequisite Class(s): Graduate level in the Advanced Skills Test taken in Tactical Handgun.

You must also be capable of passing the 4-Day Defensive Handgun skills test administered at the start of the Handgun Combat Master Prep course. If you are unable to perform at a 4 Day Defensive Handgun Distinguished Graduate level, you may be moved to another handgun course.

You will reach your highest levels of proficiency through this course as it begins on Day One with an Intermediate Handgun Skills Evaluation, and climbs from there.

Diagnostic dry practice, trigger control, and gun handling drills uncover any flaws in your weapon presentation. Repetitive shooting drills combined with “instructor pacing and modeling” rapidly build your speed, accuracy, and consistency from arm`s length out to 50 yards.

Each day ends with a Skills Evaluation of greater difficulty. Day Four culminates with the Handgun Combat Master Test. Certificates are awarded for the highest level you achieve during the course.

Handgun Combat Master certification is the prerequisite for Front Sight`s Four Weapons Combat MasterTM certification course.